Mrs. & Mrs. Perreira!

Jessie and Rachelle have a true love story continuously unfolding and we were so happy to be a part of their Big Day! They are beautiful souls with incredible humor and goodness. They both love to brag about Rachelle’s students and were so proud of all of the help that the kids put into making their dream wedding happen. From the stunning pergola altar that they stood under to the large hand-painted photo booth backdrop, the beautiful love that the students have for the Perreira’s was oh so clear! 

As each lady got ready, you could see the anticipation building to finally see each other. It made their First Look such a joy to capture! Jessie and Rachelle are the comfort in the storm for one another so being able to see each other before the ceremony was the perfect balm to calm their nerves. They walked into their wedding  as steady as only two souls perfectly matched could. 

The ceremony itself was so awe inspiring! Sunflowers and orange roses complimented the cowboy boots and bright sunset as Rachelle and Jessie made their vows to one another. There were tears of  joy, love, and laughter throughout the ceremony as the incredible love they have could be felt by all—even we were overcome with emotion!  

Abundant congratulations and love to you, Mrs. & Mrs. Perreira! –Emma and Jena