Preferred Professional Ad confusion

Hey there!


So today the Preferred Professional magazine was distributed to the ridge!  I am excited to announce that I have an ad in the magazine.    I have already received two reviews from people I do not know, which I am thankful for the feedback and I am here to answer the questions and clear up some confusion. 


**If this image is printed from the web it its not redeemable as a coupon**

1.     My business name is Emma Matt-King Photography.  Mostly know as EMK Photography because “Emma Matt-King Photography” is a bit of a mouth full.

2.      My logo is my handwriting and it is “signature” to me and my previous work.  (My apologies if the “M” looks like an “N”)

3.     This is my very first ad ever published anywhere so please bear with me through the hiccups!

4.     The writing in the banner is “Two free Digital images” so the coupon should read  “Receive two free digital images when you purchase an hour session”

5.     I am aware that there is no link to my site or Facebook this ad was mostly posted for people to see that there is another studio here in town and to reach those who are not on social media sites. 

I am so sorry for any confusion, all of this is a learning process and I greatly appreciate the positive feedback I have received. 

Keep being fabulous!