Bella Rosa Farms, Durham CA: Logan and Madison Zimmermann


Let start the story where Jena and I first met Madison.  Jena and I were promoting ourselves at our first Chico Bridal Show.  The day was long and we met many brides.  As the show started to calm a little, the crowds parted and there was Madison and her mom.  Jena and I called her over to the booth and we all instantly clicked.  I had her fill out my questionnaire and we chatted about how busy the show was and basically told her she needed to book us because she was a glass slipper fit.  When she walked away Jena and I both said “I hope she books us”.  

You know the connection you when you’ve met someone and in seconds you feel like you’ve known them your whole life?  That’s Madison, she just has that magic.  I sent out my many emails to brides from that day but I hadn’t heard back from her, I couldn’t figure out why.  So I went to social media to find her (sounds desperate now that I type this but I had to follow up with her) I found her on Instagram and she too had been wondering why I hadn’t made a connection to her… Turns out I mistyped her email by one letter and we both almost missed out. 

 We set up a meeting at the Tea Bar to meet with Logan and go over packages and get to know them.  We were in for a treat.  Not only is Madison an amazing person but Logan matched her wonderful qualities.  We all chatted about life, their story, his career, and all that they have faced together. There was no doubt in mind that they were meant for each other and just the way the both of them looked at one another there was so much compassion and love.  We booked that day.  We later met with them for their engagement photos where I learned that they both were masters at posing.  (We struck photographers gold).  After a year of talking here and there following them on Facebook and Instagram their wedding was finally upon us!  And what a day it was! 

            Madison and her bridal party got ready at the Hotel Dimond in Chico.  The morning was filled light hearted fun, champagne and great laughter.  The day continued where Jena met Logan at the venue and soon there after the bridal party and I cruised over to do the first look.  When Logan saw Madison for the first time he was in awe, he walked around her to take in and appreciate the true beauty of his bride.  After the first look we had a little fun doing wedding party photos where everyone was jovial and excited for the evening to begin.   

The guests arrived and the seating quickly filled.  The music cued and Logan began the ceremony.  The groomsmen and bridesmaids made their way down the aisle followed by Logan’s dad and the two adorable ring bearers.   The flower girl was very great at her job as she tossed the pedals for her bride to walk down the aisle.  Maddison and her father came down the aisle a little nervous but sure.  Logan watched his bride intently.  The moments we’ve all been excited for had finally come. The couple shared their vows.  The line that continues to stick out in my mind is “God saved me for you.” Life has thrown these two curve balls, separately and together but they are stronger and better for the experiences and embrace their struggles because now they have each other for all the days ahead.  

After the ceremony we took some sunset photos by the creek where once again these two nailed each pose I asked them to do.  We rejoined the party and the newlyweds had their first dance letting the guests and the rest of the world fall away for a few moments as they enjoyed being in each other’s arms.  The song ended and the world snapped back into place.  The night continued with hilarious and tear-filled speeches, AMAZING home made Donuts and so much more dancing.  

Jena and I enjoyed the wedding so much we had a hard time leaving even though our bodies were tired and we were withering away we didn’t want to leave too soon.  




Madison and Logan, Jena and I truly had a wonderful time.  We adore you both so much and we feel blessed to call you friends.  Cheers to you both for many many years!  So much love to you both!