Chico Wedding Photographer:  The Palms Pavilion Juan and Monica Zamora

The first time I met Juan and Monica, was in a crowded coffee shop and we were meeting for an initial consultation to talk about wedding details and pricing.  Usually there’s a second meeting where we talk some more and we decide if we book the wedding.  Not this time, Juan and Monica were certain and were ready to book right there (I was a bit unprepared).  They were patient with me while I fumbled and got out my laptop to talk over the contract in that moment I knew they were going to be great to work with.  Monica and Juan share a kindness about them, they are patient, attentive, and genuine.   They both share a love that is forever. 


Our day started at The Palms where Monica and her Bridesmaids and grooms woman were getting ready. Monica was glowing, though she was nervous and more reserved when she smiled or spoke of Juan she lit up the room.   The girls were supportive and cheerful making everything seamless and simple.   Monica’s dress was beautifully detailed; it was belted with lovely beadwork that complimented the stunning lace it was made from.   She wore a long custom veil, with a gorgeous headband; her jewelry complimented her brilliance with each shimmering piece.  OH BUT LETS NOT FORGET ABOUT THE CAPE!  She rocked an awesome cape that made her feel like “BATMAN” which how could anyone not LOVE a good cape.  


The groomsmen equally were relaxed and excited, it was all very light hearted and enjoyable.  Juan wore a classic look of a black suit, black shirt and a white tie.  He took time to help his groomsmen with their ties and vests, and made sure they looked sharp down to their custom cuff links.   Monica’s dad shared a toast, mentioning how happy he is to have Juan as a son for so many years and how he is excited to officially have him in the family.  They all took a limo from their home to Our Neighborhood church, where the ceremony was to be held.   He patiently waited for his bride to arrive.

The isle was decorated with photos of Monica and Juan from when they were babies up to their wedding day.  The photographs were framed and hung from each church pew as you walked down. The floral arrangements were luxurious, showcasing purple roses, teal orchids, white hydrangeas and more.   The couple honored their lost loved ones with a beautiful table of images to represent the presence in their lives they hold and to share these moments with their memories.   The ceremony held giggles, tears, happiness and so much love.  Juan and Monica wrote their own vows and shared their hopes with each other giving themselves to one another.  Player one has found and married their forever Player two.   


After formal family photos, we escaped out the back door reenacted a photo from when Juan and Monica first got together, then we took some lovely photos by the creek and Monica braved the mud with white dress and her bare feet.   I am happy to say it was worth it.  Once we were done the couple hopped in the limo to start the party! 


The Palms Pavilion was decorated in purple and teal with accents of peacock feathers.  The seating chart was organized by the couple’s favorite characters from video games and comics instead of the traditional numbers. The bridal party was introduced, soon dinner was served and then we witnessed very real and heart warming speeches from the maid of honor, best man, father of the bride, father of the groom, and last but certainly not least the newlyweds. 


Monica and Juan were polite during their cake cutting, which kept them camera ready for their first dance as husband and wife.  Monica and Juan shared a lovely first dance where it seemed as if the world just fell away and it was only the two of them. The next dance Monica was met by her dad where they laughed and danced together; then they gracefully turned over the dance floor to Juan and his mom where they too enjoyed the moments the song held.   The next song welcomed all mothers and sons to the dance floor which was the beginning of this weddings evening of dancing.  


Jena and I enjoyed capturing the moments of these two amazing people on their wedding day.  They brought so much joy to so many people that day.  We are truly honored to be a part of such and important memory. 


Cheers to you both, may you always find a way to revive each other when the zombies attack!