Burney Falls Engagement Photographer: Brian & Brandy September 2017

What a session!  I am in love with these shots!  Beautiful people, beautiful scenery, and great lighting!  When Brian and Brandy first met with me we spoke about where they might want to do their photos, I don't even think I let them complete their thoughts before I said "YES, LETS GO THERE!"  For months I have been looking forward to this shoot and it did not let me down.  The day was perfect!  We were able to enjoy our walk around the falls without the weather being too hot and there wasn't too many people out.  When we went out to Brian's childhood home the sun was just down enough for what photographers call "golden hour".  Brian and Brandy matched the beautiful light with some very natural sweet moments which was a pleasure to capture.  I'm pleased to share these with you all!  I hope you enjoy them!