Chico CA, Wedding Photography CARD Center: Madeline and Taylor Robertson

Madeline and Taylor, Where to start?  This couple is extraordinary.  They have a very kind and down to earth nature that made them both great to work for. Jena and I started our day meeting up with Madeline and her bridesmaids.  Jena went to The CARD center to capture Taylor getting ready.  There was so much excitement and love throughout the day it was easy to get swept away into the bliss.  Jena and I captured so many great moments but one of our favorites was when Madeline saw her father for the first time.  They both were overwhelmed with emotion and it was a purely magical moment between father and daughter.  Soon after Madeline and her father walked down the aisle,  Taylor was in awe of Madeline and he radiated pure joy at the sight of her.  When they stood at the alter Madeline giggled with excitement.  They shared a sweet ceremony with many giggles and smiles.  The evening proceeded with dancing, Madeline and Taylor seemed to let the world fall away during their first dance leaving them the only ones in the room.   When all the formal dancing was done they showed their playful sides and mutually smashing cake in each other’s faces, sealed with a grinning kiss.  When walking away from weddings Jena and I usually share our favorite moments; This whole wedding was our favorite.  The people were all so kind and genuine that the “work” part of our day was clearly a privilege.


Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Robertson!  

Cheers to you both, we wish you many years of happiness.

Chico Engagement Photographer Deer Creek: Travis and Jessie

Where do I start with this?!  How about how amazing this day was…  Life has been flying by in the chaos of preparing to move to Texas, attending to the needs of my family, while continuing to work full time and part time.  This day was a VACATION!  Great people, great landscape, and beautiful weather in the middle of January!  When I think about California, this is California. This is what I will miss.  I’m so fortunate to have enjoyed this little bit of heaven before I move.   The air was crisp, (if a bit cold) the sun was just at the right peak, and it was time to capture magic happening in every day life.

  You know you have a great bride and groom when they are open to anything and go with the flow.  We met for breakfast at Great Harvest, cruised up highway 32 reached location and got to work.  Of course Jena was there with me being my off camera wizard helping with lighting looking at the little things and making this session a breeze.  It was a day I needed for myself to be inspired, to create and be in awe of the outcome.   It was perfect. 

Editing has been a real treat; I think I had a smile the whole time.

 Now, I’m going to stop blabbing about my experience and I hope you enjoy this gorgeous bride and her handsome groom that are just as beautiful on the inside.


  Travis and Jessie, I hope you fall in love with these photos as much as I have.  You both rocked this shoot and made the experience fun and different.  Jena and I are so pumped for your wedding!