Chico Engagement Photographer: Madison and Logan

This couple!  OH MY GOODNESS!  There's some people you meet in life and a bond is instantly formed.  For Madison this could not have been more true, we met at the Chico Bridal show and instantly hit it off.  Madison was enjoying the show with her mom and swung by the booth and filled out my questionnaire.  She got stuck on the "What's you favorite movie/show?"  her mom responded "Grease duh!"  We got to chatting and instantly we just clicked.  Jena and I left with her being one of the last brides we talked to and we were stoked "If she's the only bride we book today it's a win in my book."  A few weeks later BOOM!  I had a message from her in my inbox! YESSSSS!  We set up a meeting to meet with Logan and talk about packages and pricing.  Some times meeting with the groom for the first time he may be a little quiet will let the bride talk mostly, but Logan was equally interested in getting to know us and like Madison created an instant bond.  It is no question as to why Madison and Logan have chosen forever together, they are absolutely perfect!  Logan is super laid back and fun and the way he looks at Madison its as if the world stands still for a moment.  Madison and Logan have faced many obstacles in their relationship and have grown so much closer from them it is very clear they are best friends as well as in love.

Jena and I are both so incredibly excited to capture your wedding day!  

I hope you love these images and weren't too terribly covered in mosquito bites!



Chico Engagement Photographer Deer Creek: Travis and Jessie

Where do I start with this?!  How about how amazing this day was…  Life has been flying by in the chaos of preparing to move to Texas, attending to the needs of my family, while continuing to work full time and part time.  This day was a VACATION!  Great people, great landscape, and beautiful weather in the middle of January!  When I think about California, this is California. This is what I will miss.  I’m so fortunate to have enjoyed this little bit of heaven before I move.   The air was crisp, (if a bit cold) the sun was just at the right peak, and it was time to capture magic happening in every day life.

  You know you have a great bride and groom when they are open to anything and go with the flow.  We met for breakfast at Great Harvest, cruised up highway 32 reached location and got to work.  Of course Jena was there with me being my off camera wizard helping with lighting looking at the little things and making this session a breeze.  It was a day I needed for myself to be inspired, to create and be in awe of the outcome.   It was perfect. 

Editing has been a real treat; I think I had a smile the whole time.

 Now, I’m going to stop blabbing about my experience and I hope you enjoy this gorgeous bride and her handsome groom that are just as beautiful on the inside.


  Travis and Jessie, I hope you fall in love with these photos as much as I have.  You both rocked this shoot and made the experience fun and different.  Jena and I are so pumped for your wedding!